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Kazakhstan visa-support, LOI, invitations for tourist and business visas

Useful information about Kazakhstan visa-support, LOI, invitation letters for tourist and business visas.

BREAKING NEWS: No visa is required to visit Kazakhstan for tourism or business for up to fifteen (15) calendar days for the citizens of all the following countries: USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Monaco, Norway, Sweden, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Other foreign citizens who wish to visit Kazakhstan on business or tourism have to obtain Kazakhstan visa in order to enter the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, if otherwise is not regulated by the international agreements of Kazakhstan.

Important note: your passport must be valid for at least of three (3) months beyond your intended stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan (if you plan to go to Kazakhstan for one month in March, your passport must be valid at least through August).


Documents required for getting Kazakhstan visa-support letter for tourist or business visas:

1. Your passport copy


Kazakhstan visa and visa-support regulations and rules:

1. Kazakhstan tourist or business visas do NOT allow to be employed and get a salary in Kazakhstan, for this you must have a work visa.
2. Normally it takes 7 (seven) - 10 (ten) business days to issue and approve a visa-support letter for business or tourism.
3. We cannot make your visa-support invitation letter to Kazakhstan if there are less than fourteen (14)
    calendar days left prior to your arrival date in Kazakhstan
4. Once your visa-support invitation letter is ready and approved we will send it to you by email
5. You only need a copy of the invitation to apply for your visa at the Embassy of Kazakhstan
6. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan sends all required information about your visa-support to the appropriate Embassy

Important rules after getting Kazakhstan tourist or business visa:

1. Any tourist or business visa of Kazakhstan allows to stay in Kazakhstan no more than 30 (thirty) calendar days. After this period you must leave the territory of Kazakhstan

2. If you've a multiple entry visa you can then enter Kazakhstan again for a similar period of thirty (30) calendar days

3. One (1) year multiple entry business visa allows to stay in Kazakhstan no longer than total of one hundred twenty (120) calendar days per one (1) year and no more than sixty (60) calendar days per half a year.

4. When you arrive in Kazakhstan you must IMMEDIATELY address us for your passport police registration.