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Altyn-Emel Singing Sand Dune private sightseeing guided tour

Altyn-Emel Singing Sand Dune private sightseeing guided tour from Almaty
1 person - total $980 USD
persons - total $1127 USD
persons - total $1230 USD
persons - total $1330 USD

NOTE: Price may vary depending on the language
Tour duration: 2 days and 1 night
Tour distance by car: 750 km
Tour distance on foot: 5 - 7 km
Languages: English Spanish Russian French German Italian Chinese Arabic Turkish

Altyn-Emel Singing Sand Dune private sightseeing guided tour from Almaty itinerary:

Day 1:
Almaty city suburbs, local villages, agricultural areas, Kapshagai city (since 2009 Kazakhstan's Las Vegas casinos and night clubs' area), Kapshagai lake, mountain Ili River, steppes and wild nature in the middle of nowhere, natural park entrance, guest house check in and lunch, tour to the Singing Sand Dunes, dinner at the guest house, free time, overnight at the guest house.

Day 2:

Breakfast at the guest house, check out the guest house, drive through the park admiring the wild animals and nature, exit the natural park, lunch at a local café, transfer to Almaty city.

Tour inclusions:

Accommodation at the guest house in Altyn-Emel
Lunch and dinner on Day 1
Breakfast and lunch on Day 2
Altyn-Emel entrance tickets
Private vehicle
Licensed chauffeur
Licensed tour guide

Nature-lovers will find an unexpected paradise in Altyn-Emel National Park. The park covers 90 between the Ili River and Aktau mountain range. It is a mysterious and beautiful country with a long history and the unique natural environment. Nowhere you can find more amazing remains of the Saka culture: ancient burial mounds and rock paintings of wild animals and hunting scenes.
Another unique natural wonder is the Singing Sand Dune, 182 km north-east of Almaty, on the right bank of the Ili River. In dry weather this sand-dune emits a sound like a pipe organ playing. The Singing Sand Dune makes an unforgettable impression. The humming and vibration are caused by the scarcely perceptible movement of sand sliding down the slope. The friction caused by the movement of the dry grains of sand, combined with the dry air, electrifies them, causing the vibration. Because of the surrounding favourable resonant conditions, powerful sound waves are produced which, bouncing off the solid ground, also cause the dune to vibrate. The sound can be heard from several kilometres away. The dune does not "sing" in wet weather.

The dune is over 120 m high and 4 km long. Despite the looseness of the sand and the strong winds, the dune does not move around the plain but has remained in the same place for millennia. Its south-western slope is smooth while the opposite north-eastern side has several ridges with gentle inclines. The dune has a sharp ridge with several protruding peaks, so it is actually possible to ski down it.
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Altyn-Emel Singing Sand Dune private sightseeing guided tour from Almaty
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