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Turgen waterfall

kayrak waterfall in turgen gorge


bear waterfall in turgen gorge

ostrich_farm near turgen waterfall

ostrich egg

turgen fall

trout_farm near turgen waterfall

Turgen waterfall private sightseeing guided tour

Turgen waterfall private sightseeing guided tour
1-2 people - total $383 USD
3-17 people - total $455 USD
18-50 people - total $720 USD

NOTE: Price may vary depending on the language
Tour duration: 7 hours
Tour distance by car: 200 km
Tour distance on foot: 4 km
Languages: English Spanish Russian French German Italian Chinese Arabic Turkish

Turgen waterfall private sightseeing guided tour itinerary:

Almaty city foundation place, ostrich farm, Turgen gorge, natural park entrance, Tian Shan mountains, Golden man and snow leopard statues, trout farm, walking tour up to the waterfall (not too difficult), excursion and rest on the waterfall, transfer back to Almaty.

Tour inclusions:

Private vehicle
Licensed chauffeur
Licensed tour guide

Tour exclusions:
Ostrich farm ticket $10 USD per pax
Trout farm ticket $10 USD per pax
Natural park ticket $10 USD per pax

The Turgen mountain gorge is located 90 km from Almaty city and that's an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of nature. The gorge has a trout farm, waterfalls and lots of woods. Rich in coniferous and mixed forests, alpine and sub-alpine meadows, lakes and springs, medicinal herbs and berries, the gorge plunges 44 km to the vast Assy plateau up to 2,560 m above the sea level.

Long ago many caravans from Europe passed through this royal gate on their way to China and India. The broad valley stretches east for 60 km. From here one can mountain-bike to the Charyn Canyon and the Kolsay Lakes.
The Turgen gorge is famous for its seven waterfalls. The Bear waterfall drops 30 metres in a beautiful setting amidst overhanging cliffs and green fir trees.
Another notable feature of the gorge is the relict Chin-Turgen mossy fir forests which cover the ground and form a thick carpet of trees.

A popular spot in the Turgen Gorge is a hunting base Botan. Here, where the three rivers meet, the gorge is at its deepest point of 920 metres. The Turgen River flows south-west, while the Small-Turgen River runs south-east. There is an observatory, ancient burial mounds and rock drawings along the Asy River. Small mountain lakes of the gorge are wonderful for fishing, while lower down there is a trout farm where one can catch a fish and have it cooked for lunch.
1) Please, check availability and tour price before booking.
2) We arrange our tours in different languages and for a different number of people. For a free accurate quote, please call or email us. We will reply you shortly.

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Price: 1-2 pax-383, 3-17 pax-455, 18-50 pax-720 USD
Turgen waterfall private sightseeing guided tour
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