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    Turkmenistan visa-support invitation letters LOI for tourist or business visas

    Turkmenistan tourist visa


    To enter Turkmenistan all travelers need to have a transit or tourist visa.
    Tourist visas are issued on the basis of a visa-support, also called a letter of invitation (LOI).
    It usually takes 6-7 business days to issue a LOI (Letter of Invitation).
    With an approved letter of invitation you can apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate of Turkmenistan abroad or get it directly at the border of Turkmenistan in Gaudan (Badjgiran / Mashad, Iran), Farab (Bukhara, Uzbekistan), Dashoguz (Shavat Khiva, Uzbekistan ), Kunya-Urgench (Khojeyli Nukus, Uzbekistan); at the seaport of Turkmenbashi or at the Ashgabat international airport upon arrival.

    The required information and details for a visa-support, letter of invitation (LOI)

    • High quality scanned copy of the main page of your passport sent by email. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Turkmenistan;
    • Occupation and place of work;
    • Desired dates and places of entry and exit to / from Turkmenistan;
    • Route (travel route) through Turkmenistan;
    • The place you intend to get a Turkmen visa;
    • Hotel accommodation;
    • Your contact information (fax, phone, email).
    Please note:
    1. The last decision on the outcome of the invitation is made by the Migration Service of Turkmenistan;
    2. The company does not issue an invitation letter only, we are also obliged to provide you with a minimum package of travel services.
    Important notice:
    If you cancel your trip after starting an invitation letter process, the payment for the invitation will not be refunded.

    Turkmenistan entry visa:

    1. When the letter of invitation is ready, our company will send you a copy of it and you can apply for an entry visa to Turkmenistan at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in any country. A copy of the invitation letter is sufficient to obtain an entry visa to Turkmenistan at the embassy. You will need the originals of the invitation to the Embassy of Turkmenistan only in Moscow, Brussels and Meshede. For the rest a copy is enough.
    2. Booking a trip in advance:
      Before applying for an invitation, we must know the exact program of your trip to Turkmenistan, that is, the cities that you would like to visit and the hotels in which you would like to stay. After confirming your program, the manager starts booking hotels. If you wish to change the hotel upon arrival in Turkmenistan, you will be charged the full amount for the first overnight at the hotel.
    3. Payment:
      The consular fee for a Turkmen visa is not included into the total program cost. It`s paid in cash at the airport, at the border or at the embassy, ​​that is, wherever you get an entry visa to Turkmenistan. Be prepared to pay cash for your migration card while crossing the border. The company will charge you only for an invitation letter and other services.
    4. Since our company offers you different travel routes and tours in Turkmenistan, it is difficult to quote the full amount of the tour. You can choose any excursion on our website and ask the manager for the price quote. You can also include or exclude some points of the program. It`s possible to offer your own excursion program as well. In accordance with this the travel manager will set an individual program, calculate it and send it to you by e-mail.
    5. Transit visas:
      Transit visas are issued only directly at the embassies of Turkmenistan abroad. Please contact the relevant embassy directly for details on prices and procedures.